Love a good ghost hunt?  Well, the Queen Mary has just announced it will be opening the doors to its infamous Stateroom B340.  The room last housed guests back in the 1980s, after the final guests left, the room was gutted and locked.  The room would only be open on occasion for ghost hunters on the Queen Mary’s paranormal tours.

“For decades we’ve had thousands of visitors request to occupy the room, and after 30 years, we are excited to once again extend the offer to our guest,” General Manager Stephen Sowards said via a release.

In the past, there had been rumors that the room was just too haunted to rent out to random guests.  Now, it doesn’t seem to be an issue.  The room is huge, made up of three former third-class staterooms and large operable portholes.  The ship will also supply guests with “tools” to contact the spirits, including a Ouija board, crystal ball, tarot cards and ghost hunting devices.

Some of the haunted history behind the Queen Mary includes a collision with her small escort ship called the HMS Curacoa off the coast of Ireland.  Of the Curacoa’s, 439 passengers, 338 were killed.

Following WWII, the Queen Mary became a passenger ship and in 1967 was docked for the last time in Long Beach, CA.  Soon after it was docked for the last time, rumors of ghostly happenings began circulating.  Guests of the ship claimed that lights and faucets would turn on and off on their own.  Some also heard knocking and disembodied voices.

If you are an avid ghost hunter or just want to experience something new, pack your ghost hunting gear and get ready to pay $499 a night to sleep with the ghosts of Stateroom B340!


Rylah, Juliet Bennett. “Queen Mary Will Rent Out Its Most ‘Haunted’ Stateroom for the First Time in 30 Years.”, RSS, 3 Apr. 2018,
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