Netflix Announces The Haunting Of Hill House

by paranormalwarehouse
The Haunted Hill House

Netflix has been explosive with its development of independent films and shows. Dipping their toes into multiple genres, their upcoming series The Haunting of Hill House is their attempt at an anticipated paranormal horror.

Killing It On Twitter

In attempts to promote the show, the people over at The Haunting of Hill House‘s twitter have been getting fans hyped with the use of chilling photos.

Their first image displays a family enjoying their dinner. Upon further inspection, an image of a woman can be seen behind the father. While we know these images are not genuine, the photo sets the feel of the show leaving us eager to see more.

These Kids Are Going To Have A Bad time

This second image shows two siblings ready for an educational day at school. Similar to the following image another terrifying woman is peering at the kids.

We Are Pumped

Needless to say, we are extremely excited to start binging The Haunting of Hill House. Netflix has been churning out some quality content so I am nervously keeping my hopes high for this creepy paranormal thriller!

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