New Real-Life Paranormal Show Can Be Scariest Ever!

by Chris Bregenzer

Looking for something new to watch?  Channel 4, a British public-service television broadcast station, is starting a new docudrama series called ‘True Horror’.

Early reviews are saying this will be the “scariest ever”.  The show even has a disclaimer, in the beginning, saying ‘scenes of paranormal activity may disturb viewers.”


The show is similar to some of the U.S. based paranormal shows such as ‘The Haunted’, ‘A Haunting’, ‘Paranormal Witness’ and ‘My Ghost Story’.  ‘True Horror’ is based on real-life testimonies of people recounting their paranormal experiences with actor reenactments.

If you want to check out what is said to be a “terrifying” new show, here is the link to channel 4,  Let us know if you think it lives up to the hype as the “scariest ever”.



Mailonline, Jabeen Waheed For. “True Horror given Viewer Warning by Channel 4 as New Real-Life Paranormal Show Set to Be Scariest EVER.” Daily Mail Online, Associated Newspapers, 19 Apr. 2018,

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