When I woke up and heard the news that a UFO had been sighted in New Jersey, I could not have been more excited. Having lived in Northern Jersey for a decade, I had hopes that the aliens landing would change our title from the Snookie State to the Alien State. Unfortunately, my hopes were soon dashed, learning the news that should leave us Jersians embarrassed.

“Bro Everybody’s Stopping”

The video going viral was taken off of the freeway in Rutherford, New Jersey. Multiple cars can be seen stopped with people frantically taking out their phones to capture what is floating above them. In the video, the object in the sky seems to be cigar-shaped with a blue light pulsing from its belly. The object was sitting there, ominously seemingly hovering in place. The word alien can be heard being muttered throughout the crowd, and overall, people are hyped over our interstellar visitors.

While people were convinced at the moment, the unfortunate truth is that our otherworldly visitors were nothing but employees of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. With a football game going on at the MetLife Stadium, people have quickly identified the object as the iconic Goodyear blimp.

Was I disappointed to hear that my New Jersey aliens were nothing but an advertisement? You bet ya. While this was disappointing, I found it interesting how many people were fixated on the idea that they were getting a glimpse of a visitor from outer space. I think with everything going on in our crazy 2020 world, people are looking for someone or something which may be watching and looking out for us. I refuse to view this story as disheartening, and have decided to simply sit back and wait until the aliens really do decide to visit us in good ol “Dirty Jerz.”

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