Our Obsessions With Creepy Dolls

by paranormalwarehouse

When looking for content to write about I can’t help but always take time to read stories relating to haunted dolls. While most of the stories are slights “cheesy,” the actual doll is still undeniably terrifying. Having the image of a young child you would think dolls would be anything else but scary, but time and time again their emotionless porcelain faces create an uneasiness that can fill an entire room.

Robert The Doll

Some would blame the phenomena called the uncanny valley. When an object like a doll, mannequin, or human-like robot attempts to look unrecognizable to a human but miss the mark for whatever reason, the uncanny valley phenomena can be experienced. I would say most people have experienced this at least once in their lives leaving you with a feeling of uneasy creepiness. This can explain some people’s experience with dolls, but others say the reason dolls send chills up our spines is much more macabre.

You Can Buy Ghosts on eBay

While dolls are meant to represent the image of a healthy adorable child, I can’t help but see the doll as being dead. With pale skin and emotionless face, I can’t help but look at them and see something that represents a child who has passed. Being an undeniably grim scenario, I can’t help but look away when put face to face with the little darlings.

Let us know why you find dolls scary in the comments below.

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