The Ouija Board Strikes Again! Breggy News Real or Fake

by paranormalwarehouse
ouija board

The Ouija Board strikes again along with haunted dolls and a UK prison in this episode of Breggy News! youtube

The Ouija Board Stigma

Having such an unbelievable stigma surrounding this child’s playtoy we are always excited to sit back and see how people react to our comments. In this episode of Real or Fake Breggs has found an article discussing a Ouija Board convention of sorts that is challenging the popular opinion that at any moment a user of the Ouija Board will be sucked into another evil dimension.

Our opinion of the device is that it is simply a toy that has successfully created an unbelievable hype launching sales year after year. Having used the board multiple times with zero strange experiences we are waiting to be proven otherwise.

Let us know in the comments below if your opinion of this board game differs from ours!


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