OUIJA! Paranormal Trash Episode 48

by paranormalwarehouse
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In this episode of Paranormal, Trash Mike has put together a short list of trash paranormal videos that feature the infamous Ouija Board!


I don’t want to ruin the entire segment, but my favorite clip by far was the boy who gets a nosebleed. I give the kid credit for being creative, but the reaction from his friend is hilarious. If I personally experienced a Ouija¬†Board flying across the room I would be out of the house ASAP. The friend’s generic reaction of “OH NO” cracked me up having me watch the video over and over only making it funnier.

We Joke, But Only A Little Bit

The following videos are clearly fake, but do you think the stories behind the Ouija Board are as well? Being a toy created in a factory we can’t help but think the game is nothing but hype. Having a lineage back to its original creation the board has done an amazing job leaving people intrigued by the idea of communicating with the dead. While we enjoy the stories and media produced surrounding the board, we can’t help but think the stories are nothing but embellishments.

Let us know what you think about these Ouija clips in the comment section below.




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