Sex With Ghosts?!

Yes, you read that correctly... ghouls and humans alike are blushing at the story of a 27-year-old woman who claims to have sex with ghosts. Amethyst Realm from Bristol England claims to have had sex with at least 20 ghosts. Her

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Zak Bagans Haunted Museum

There are few people out in the paranormal community who produce such dichotomous feelings depending on the individual you are talking to. His work as a paranormal investigator has been both praised and vilified, yet he continues to find his way into

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The Blackwell Ghost

If you are into paranormally themed cinema, I would feature to guess you have either watched or heard the “documentary” The Blackwell Ghost. The film has caught the internet ablaze with an immediate conversation about whether this film was a true

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The Eyeless Boy

In my life, I have had several paranormal experiences starting as your child all the way up to adulthood. I've heard my name being called by a disembodied voice. I've been touched, I've seen glasses being tossed to the ground, and

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Malvern Manor Night 2

After an incredible first night, we could not wait to dive into the experimentation that took place on the second night. I was both excited and terrified to take part in the Ganzfeld Experiment. The idea of eliminating all of my

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Famous Gettysburg Ghost Video Creating content for a paranormal website we are always looking for the newest content to talk about. In the constant flurry of paranormal evidence, stories, and articles I have realized that I needed to take a step back and begin

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Famous Ghost Pictures

We have all been guilty of going to google and searching for unbelievable ghost pictures right?  I know I have!  Recently, I googled just the keywords "ghost pictures", and I could not believe some of the pictures that came up! I

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Ghosts at the Bar

Let's all be honest here, most people like to spend some time now and again at the bar. A cold crisp beverage and some good conversations with friends is a great way to start the weekend. That being said it is

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