Paranormal Activity Possibly Caught On Security Camera

by Chris Bregenzer

Paranormal videos or possible ghosts caught on camera are becoming more and more common with the popularity of home security cameras.  Check out the video by clicking this link…

Angel Rosa who is from Ravena, NY, was at work one day recently when he received a motion sensor alert on his phone from outside his home.  “Immediately I looked at it and you reduce the motion and it looks like it has legs and it disappears into the tree.” Angel also claims that his captured some other possible paranormal activity, which includes a creepy voice.  “It sounds like a boy saying hello”, Angel claims.

Angel and his husband believe the apparition caught on camera and the voice may belong to two family members who have passed on.

What do you think of the clip?  Paranormal?



Tucker, Anya. “Ghostly Video Captured on Camera.” WTEN, WTEN, 17 Apr. 2018,

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