A paranormal team in Detriot known as Paranormal Expeditions recently conducted an investigation in an old 1930’s church that is now being used as the Atwater Brewery and caught something very interesting…

While investigating, the team was trying to contact the paranormal and a ghost named “Jack” that apparently haunts the place.  After several attempts at making contact, the team caught this on video…


After reviewing this evidence, the Atwater Brewery decided to collaborate with Paranormal Expeditions of Detroit to release a new beer called “Hello From The Other Side” set to premiere Friday, April 13th.  The new beer will be infused with sage, to get that paranormal taste.



Marini, Miriam. “’Ghost’ Sighting Inspires New Spooky Beer from Atwater Brewery.” Detroit Metro Times, Detroit Metro Times, 12 Apr. 2018, www.metrotimes.com/catch-all/archives/2018/04/11/ghost-sighting-inspires-new-spooky-beer-from-atwater-brewery.
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