Paranormal Group Pull A Hoax On The Police

by paranormalwarehouse

Here we go!  Another paranormal group giving a bad name and reputation to ALL paranormal groups.  A group in were ‘investigating’ a house in Nantwich when sometime after midnight on December 18th, the Cheshire police were called.

During their ‘investigation’, the group Proving Demons claimed to have found a bone in the wall after a ghost told them that there was a body behind the wall in the house. The group knocked through the wall and originally found what appeared to be a Santa doll and then a ‘human’ bone.

As the group realized this may, in fact, be a human bone one of the members said:  “Don’t touch that, this is now a crime scene.”

The video then shows one of the members calling the Cheshire police and describing the “human bone”.

Here is the full video:

Cheshire police released a statement on the incident:  “A bone had been discovered at the address which initial analysis showed it was possibly human.  Police discovered that the bone had been placed there as a hoax and are establishing where the bone originally came from.

“The people who placed it there, three men ages 29, 31 and 19, and a 19-year-old woman, all from Lancashire, are to be given strong words of advice.”

“Strong words of advice”?  That seems pretty generous for a group of “paranormal investigators” who basically staged a crime scene.  Incidents like this give the paranormal community a bad name, but at the same time, it makes you realize most people are in it for the clicks, views, fame, and fortune.



Wise, Lauren. “Discovery of ‘Human Bone’ in Nantwich House Found to Be Hoax.” Chesterchronicle, CheshireLive, 21 Dec. 2018,

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