I have, and I am sure most of you have as well, received a phone call or an email asking you to give up your tax information, donate to a prince overseas, give up your credit card number to win a spaceship or some bullshit like that. It sickens me to think that there are people out there intentionally looking to rob people of their hard earned money, but it may perplex me even more that there are a group of people who can be so easily duped into going through with these scams. Before I continue I am not talking down to the people who do fall for these types of things due to the fact that I in no way know their situation. With that out of the way my heart dropped when I found out these types of scam artists can be found in our own paranormal community.

Paranormal Investigator Certification

Now the “Paranormal Community”, whatever that means, has its flaws but I never thought straight up robbery would be one of them. What came to my attention recently is that people are dishing our paranormal certifications to people willing to take their course. The idea of such a thing is nothing but laughable. Paranormal research is such an infantile field to say you are a master of the art is ridiculous. As of yet we have no idea what causes paranormal phenomenon, how it affects our technology, how it affects ourselves, and the list can go on longer than I am willing to write. I am unsure who the megalomaniacs are anointing people with this new certified skill, but to the people thinking of signing up for these programs I beg you to reconsider. As I mentioned the paranormal research field is so new it leaves the possibility of different forms of research open to an exciting degree. My advice would be to find a knowledgeable team truly looking to discover the unknown and start there.

Shame on you scammers…. Shame. On. You.

For more information check out this amazing video from Kenny Biddle.

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