Paranormal or Hoax? You Be The Judge!

by paranormalwarehouse

Paranormal videos are all over the internet these days.  Most you can tell right away are completely fake but some make you wonder.  This following video is definitely one of those that makes you scratch your head a little bit…

A family recently installed a Nest Security Camera in their garage and strange happenings amped up.  Shortly after the family installed the camera, they were getting alerts of someone talking and movement, even though no one was technically in the garage.

Note:  The garage is not connected to the house and is actually further back on the property.

The most creepy part of this video for me at least is the EVP caught.

Check this out:

At we have never been high on the “orbs” train but some of this video definitely makes you wonder…  Is this really paranormal?  What do you think?



writer, Staff. “Creepy Collection of Paranormal Activity in Family’s Garage.” Click Here to Refresh, AOL, 26 Feb. 2019,

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