The Hidden Item Experiment

by paranormalwarehouse

Since the paranormal research field is a….. field of research, it is of utmost importance that people are creating and performing experiments. Not only do we have to do these experiments, we have to take precautions to eliminate as much contamination and reduce as many variables as possible. At this point you may be saying “what does this guy want from me i’m not a scientist!”. Lucky for you not all experiments need insane technology and a PhD to perform.


A simple experiment anyone can try is the hidden item experiment. This idea was first brought to my attention by our good friend Tim Vickers. The experiment is extremely simple while also potentially providing us with incredible evidence. Here is a quick overview of how this idea works.

  • Team member chooses an item and hides it within the “haunted” location.
  • Second team member enters location with no idea what the item was and where it was placed.
  • The second team member performs an EVP session asking what the item is and where it was located.
  • Upon review the team will see if any EVP are able to locate or identify the item.

This experiment is not only simple, it also potentially provides us with legitimate evidence of a possible intelligence communicating to us through our technology! For a more detailed description of this experiment check out our video HERE:

For more paranormal experiments check out our full YouTube channel HERE

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