Paranormal Tyler: Ghostly Feelings At The Old Grist Mill

by paranormalwarehouse

Join Paranormal Tyler while he enters the historic Old Grist Mill. Before you join Tyler on his adventure to investigate the unknown, let us learn a little bit about The Old Grist Mill’s history.

Working To Feed American For Almost One Hundred Years

In 1854 Ezra Taft Benson received orders from Church President Brigham Young to travel to the Tooele Valley. Upon arrival, Benson built a Grist Mill that would be used to feed new pioneer settlements. The Girst Mill, found in Utah, has been grinding corn and wheat from 1854 to the 1940’s. The Mill closed its door in the forties to lay silent for over 40 years. Being rescued by a group of volunteers the Grist Mill is now restored as a memory to our industrial past.

History Lives

Having laid dormant for decades, some believe the old mill has retained the souls of its past. Paranormal activity such as disembodied voices and EVP have been experienced here. While you may be unable to visit the Old Grist Mill follow Tyler while he interacts with the other side.

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