Paranormal Tyler: So You Want To Be A Ghost Hunter?

by paranormalwarehouse
Paranormal Tyler so You want to be a ghost hunter

Are you interested in paranormal activity? Do you get a thrill from things that go bump in the night? Well, if you are screaming YES, then you may want to look into becoming a ghost paranormal investigator.

The field of paranormal investigating is much more than the overly glorified events that take place in movies and on TV. Paranormal research, in reality, is a quite dull and tedious undertaking. If you don’t mind the tedious nature of being a ghost hunter, then we would recommend doing a bit of research before jumping on that train.

Paranormal Tyler just released a video detailing what he believes is essential for paranormal noobies to consider before strapping on their proton pack. We loved Tyler’s outline and wanted to add our own two cents to some of the topics covered in his video.

Ghost Hunter VS Paranormal Investigator

In Tyler’s video, he explains how his video is being directed towards people who are looking to perform real paranormal research. This is what we believe differentiates groups as either ghost hunters or paranormal investigator.

In our opinion, a ghost hunter is in it for the thrill of the chase. While searching for answers of the unknown is a thrilling job, paranormal investigation is a more in-depth process. Paranormal research requires real time and effort if one is looking to collect and analyze data. While we will always promote the idea of attempting real paranormal research, it is your decision on how you would like to approach this new endeavor.

Starter Equipment

Having been in the paranormal community for quite a bit of time now, we have watched an explosion of paranormal technology entering the scene. While some people are truly constructing technology in the hopes to answer questions, there are also people throwing together trash to make money. That being said I think you should keep it simple.

ghost hunter digital recorder

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We agree with Tyler that a digital recorder is a good start to your collection. This along with a video camera are probably the essential tools used by paranormal investigators. The Paranormal Warehouse Team has begun using these items exclusively in hopes to understand better how they can potentially interact with the afterlife. The new technology coming out can be enticing, but we suggest saving your money and sticking with the classics.

ghost hunter video camera


Paranormal investigations are not like the ones portrayed in movies and television. Paranormal activity is a sporadic event which occurs at random. When I look back on my own personal paranormal investigations, there is a small handful that produced possible paranormal evidence. Most times nothing happens which can be a frustrating and tiring experience.

If you are feeling discouraged by your lack of success we recommend sticking it out and continuing your journey. The thrill of capturing something amazing is always worth the slow times.

Check Out Tyler’s Video!

The information we covered in this article is just a small portion of the topics covered by Tyler in his new video. Check it out, and we wish you the best in your adventure into the unknown!


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