Paranormal Warehouse Movie Review: “A Quiet Place”

by paranormalwarehouse

This past Saturday I went to see the very much talked about new film by John Krasinski, ‘A Quiet Place’.  This is John Krasinski’s directorial debut and he came out with a bang!  A quiet bang.

Just a heads up before I got on any further, if you haven’t seen the movie yet and plan to, do not read on!  SPOILER ALERT!  Okay, with that being said, here is what I thought of the buzz-worthy movie…


‘A Quiet Place’ starts off already in an almost apocalyptic world.  No one is to be seen, everything is abandoned and it is obvious the family, the Abbott’s are just trying to survive.  Missing person fliers cover the streets as they walk barefoot to their destination, an old farmhouse.

While on the long walk back, we quickly meet the “alien” or “monster” that has caused this apocalyptic world as the first sound you hear of the film brings about its presence as it quickly kills Beau, one of the sons, in the first 10 minutes of the movie.

A good way to start in my opinion!  John gets right into the storyline and almost the climax in the first 20 minutes and doesn’t disappoint during the rest of the film.  The movie is different in the sense that there is barely any talking between the family at all.  They use sign language for the most part but it adds a unique element to the film. In my opinion, the fact that it is so quiet and very little dialogue keeps the viewer on their toes throughout the whole movie.

As a viewer, the film reminded me a lot of ‘Signs’ from back in the day.  The reason I say this is because you constantly are waiting for something to happen next.  There is that constant feeling that this is all building up to something else.

The strange “aliens” or “monsters” in the movie remind me of the Demogorgon in ‘Stranger Things’, which there is nothing wrong with but just an observation.

Overall, it was a good movie.  Do I think it was worth the hype I’ve been hearing and reading? Nah, but that is my own personal opinion.  It was a good movie with a good storyline and characters.  The actors were great and the fact that there was very little dialogue definitely gave the movie a rare sense of anticipation throughout the whole thing.  That’s what we want as a viewer right?  Constantly be on our toes, waiting for the next shock factor.

If you see it, let us know what you think.  I didn’t want to give too much away about the movie in this but wanted to just voice what I really liked about it and share it with you guys!




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