So people have started to lose their minds after the airing of Celebrity Haunted Mansion. Celebrity Haunted Mansion aired in the UK and featured ten celebrity investigators. While there was a brief introduction into paranormal investigating the consensus from most viewers was that the show showed very little actual paranormal investigating. There were even people stating they were disappointed with the lack of real ghosts on the show and that got me thinking of peoples perception of how, if at all, these paranormal events are happening.

Where are my ghosts bro!

Having posted hours of static livestreams from multiple alleged haunted locations the one comment I continue to read over and over is “where are the ghosts!?” I soon came to an understanding that these people were either trolling as hard as they could or thought paranormal activity happens willy-nilly. From my experience in potentially haunted locations, waiting is going to be your primary activity of the night. I have had multiple long nights attempting communication with the other side only to end up yielding nothing.

Paranormal investigating is a game of patience and recording actual paranormal activity an extremely rare thing. If I were to be honestly critical about how many things we have captured that could be actual paranormal happenings I could count them on the one hand. For people to think they are going to witness paranormal activity in a four-hour time span, I think they are kidding themselves.

The show must go on…

As for Celebrity Haunted Mansion, we have to remember we are watching a show about ten celebrities chasing around ghosts. While ghost hunting is the draw, I am not surprised that the show is mainly the ten celebrities giggling and screaming together. For those of you who are disappointed, we will still be getting four more episodes for the ghosts to pep their step.

Source: Starkey, Adam. “Celebrity Haunted Mansion Savaged by Viewers for Showing Hardly Any Ghost Hunting Read More: Http:// Twitter: Https:// | Facebook: Https://” Metro, 22 Feb. 2018,

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