Rhynnice Trelfa, 28, along with some friends and family were enjoying a picnic together beside the Dovestones Reservoir in Greenfield, Manchester. A photo of the group, which was taken in 2011, revealed a terrifying phantom hand amongst the crew.

“A Shuddery Feeling went all over my body.”

After looking at the image closely a clear arm and hand can be seen in the middle of the photo. The hand is entirely unaccounted for leading Ms. Trelfa to believe she had captured something paranormal.

“A shuddery feeling went all over my body; I started to cry, I had a lump in my throat, goosebumps. I was terrified.”

“I know absolutely that nobody was behind us. Also, another photo that was taken only second afterward shows no sign of the hand.”

To make the story even more creepy, Ms. Trelfa believe that the hand is gesturing towards the man in the middle of the photo. That man later passed away leaving people to ponder whether the other side was warning of his impending doom.

Phantom hand

“My father and I found there has been a long list of tragic incidents that have happened at the reservoir.”

The bizarre hand incident was not the only strange happening to occur at the reservoir. Some deaths along with missing people have occurred at the same location over the past couple of years.

Ms. Trelfa continued to add “The most recent of these blew my mind. On the same day, I posted the photo, a woman’s body was found in the same part of the reservoir.

“The question I have to ask: Is it a message from the other side?

“My belief is that the soul in the photo is somehow linked with us.

“It’s very exciting to have captured something like this.

“I have always been a bit of a believer, but I hadn’t really experienced anything as solid as this.”

Source: Gordon, Amie. “Mother Cannot Explain Spooky ‘Ghost Hand’ in Family Holiday Snap She Believes Harbours a Tragic Secret .” Daily Mail, 24 Apr. 2018, www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5651027/Mother-explain-spooky-ghost-hand-family-holiday-snap.html.


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