A photo was captured at the Old Fish Maret Pub on Sunday, March, 10th. After showing a picture of his night out to a friend Tom, the man who took a photograph, noticed nothing strange about the photograph. It wasn’t until his friend commented on the strange woman in the image that Tom realized he might have captured a ghost on camera.

“I was just chatting to a mate on messenger; he asked me where I was so I sent him a photo. The next day he asked did ‘did you look at the photo and said to check it out. It’s weird.” – Tom

Apparition Photo At Bar

After reviewing the photo, Tom realized a blonde woman with round glasses was sitting amongst his friends. What is strange is that the woman seems to be sitting on a chair that would be impossibly low when compared to the rest of the room.


When asked whether he believes the woman in the photo is a ghost Tom said he was convinced she was. With the building having an old history along with her strange positioning he isn’t sure what else the explanation could be.

Source: Davis, Krishan. “Man Convinced He Has Photographed a Ghost in a Bristol Pub.” Bristol Post, 13 Mar. 2018, www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/bristol-news/man-convinced-photographed-ghost-bristol-1329710.


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