Poltergeist Activity At The 1858 Garnett House Hotel

by paranormalwarehouse


During one of our livestreams of the 1858 Garnett House Hotel, we were able to capture some interesting activity. With an internet filled with alleged paranormal activity, we wanted to give you some perspective on what happened the night of the event. During our Facebook livestreams, we run our static cams for four hours which is the maximum amount of time Facebook allows us to stream. During these four hours, no other movement took place within the house. The shutting of the door was not the only activity captured by our cameras. Before the door is closed, you can hear various strange noises that sound as if someone is walking throughout the house. Being a skeptic myself I am always questioning videos presented to us, but knowing the location so intimately I can’t help but be intrigued by this potential paranormal activity.

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