Possible EVP Caught at the Cactus Grille!

by Chris Bregenzer

We haven’t had many of these lately so it’s exciting to see some paranormal groups are still capturing EVPs during their investigations!

Recently, a group called Paranormal 970 were investigating the Cactus Grille in Downtown Loveland and might have captured a ghostly voice.

Some of the paranormal claims of the restaurant include chairs moving on their own and the sound of a little girl laughing…

Here is the EVP that Paranormal 970 caught…




What do you think?


Djensen. “’Ghost’ Audio Recorded at Loveland’s Cactus Grille.” K99 – Colorado’s New Country, 10 May 2018, k99.com/ghost-audio-recorded-at-lovelands-cactus-grille/.

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