The Eynsford Castle locating in Kent within the UK is known for its paranormal happenings. On a recent visit to the castle, a man named Jon Wickes and his 12-year-old son snapped a photo that left the two of them significantly creeped out. The picture features the incredible architecture of the castle along with an out of place black shadow of what looks like a person wearing a hood. Upon further review this image did not appear on any of the other photos taken of the same structure.

Jon was interviewed by the Dialy Mail saying ” I was quite surprised when I first saw the picture. I saw the image with the figure in it and looked on the web. That’s when I read about a monk being seen in the area. I’m not really sure about that sort of stuff. I asked a paranormal investigator what he thought, and he went down there to check it out.”

“When I showed my son, he looked at it and just laughed, but because I was certain that figure hadn’t been there when we took the picture, it was worth investigating. When I posted the image online on a paranormal group, there were suggestions that it was just a hole in the wall, but someone has actually gone there to take a picture and confirm that’s not the case.”


As of right now, there is no explanation for the strange mass, but paranormal investigators are planning on continuing research in the area to catch another glimpse of the shadow monk hopefully.

Source: Dickman, Maggie. “Person Captures Photo of Eerie Figure, Paranormal Investigators Can’t Explain It.” ALTPRESS, 25 Jan. 2018,

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