Potential UFO Over Mexico

by paranormalwarehouse
UFO Over Mexico

A woman in Baja California recently captured a video of an unidentified flying object while driving on the highway. The object was described as a tubular shape strangely positioned in a verticle position. Upon further research, these tubular UFO seem to be a class of craft that has been identified throughout the world.


With more launches from SpaceX and Nasa multiple sightings, such as the one that freaked out thousands over Los Angeles, it can be hard to distinguish our technology from something potentially otherworldly. This UFO in question as of now has not been identified as a known craft being tested by the United States or Mexico.

A UFO conspiracy theorist, Pedro Ramirez, spoke with the Daily Mail stating that the UFO is a sign that aliens are becoming more concerned with our rocket technology and are monitoring us more diligently. Only time will tell if this first significant UFO sighting of 2018 will be first of many.

Source: Taylor, Dan. “Shocking UFO Video in Mexico Will Blow Your Mind.” Building A Better World News, 14 Jan. 2018, www.babwnews.com/2018/01/shocking-ufo-video-in-mexico-will-blow-your-mind/.

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