Quarantining In A Ghost Town

by paranormalwarehouse

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us are quarantined at home with family or friends or even by ourselves.  Some people even decided to use their “end of the world” bunkers.  One man though decided to spend his time quarantining in a California ghost town.

Brent Underwood, along with a few others, decided in 2018 to buy Cerro Gordo.  Once a mining town, now ghost town in Central California.

                     Source: Kvue.com

Since quarantining alone, Underwood has been exploring the ghost town.  “Cerro Gordo is this kind of sleepy, forgotten mountain town and me, like, just as a lover of history, an American West – the thought that some people could own such an interesting piece of American history is mind-blowing to me,” Underwood said.

KVUE asked if Underwood has seen any ghost in his ghost town…

“I was walking by the bunkhouse to go watch the sunset, and I noticed that the light was on in the living room, which isn’t terribly unique.  As I look, somebody opened and closed the curtain,” he said.  “That just brought me along the scale of, let’s say from like, nonbeliever to skeptic.  Let’s say I was like, ‘I’ll entertain these ideas of something going on.'”

I guess if you were looking to really social distance at this time, this is one way to do it!



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