Real or Fake Episode 35: The Return Of The Idiots!

by paranormalwarehouse
Real or Fake Episode 35

Welcome to the return of the Real or Fake. If you are new to the Breggs and Mike from find viral paranormal content from the internet and determine if they are real or fake. With literally no credibility whatsoever join us while we discuss our most recent video is Real or Fake Episode 35.

The Haunted Brewery

We will now be separating our episodes into segments to release throughout the week. To catch Real or Fake LIVE subscribe to Vidi.Space! Our main segments will consist of Real or Fake, Breggy News, and Paranormal Trash. Join us while we determine if a brewery is haunted in this segment of Real or Fake.

A strange anomaly was discovered while filming within the brewery. The actual building used to be an old church adding to its creepy feel. The video has become extremely popular even being displayed on the local news.

With such great publicity, the brewery jumped on the chance to benefit from their spooky story. A new beer with infused sage can now be purchased at the brewery. We have never hear of smudging the inside of your stomach before, but for paranormal enthusiasts this could be a fun way to chill and cleans on a Saturday night.

Skeptics have jumped on the video discussing possible explanations such as a bird, insect, or dust. Having experience with camera anomalies in the past, a logical explanation may be the consensus between Breggs and Mike Check out our final decisions in the segment below.

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