Rise In UFO Sightings In Alaska

by Chris Bregenzer

If you haven’t seen the news in recent weeks, Alaska had suffered a magnitude 8 earthquake that quickly prompted evacuations and tsunami warnings.  Thankfully, no tsunami occurred but something else began to take place…  A rise in UFO sightings!

According to conspiracy theorists, Alaska is already a major hot spot for UFO sightings due to its small population and abundance of land.  After the magnitude 8 earthquake, someone was able to capture footage of what appears to be UFOs hovering over the snow in Alaska and gliding through the sky as well.


The earthquake was originally recorded in the Pacific Ocean at 12:32 am about 170 miles southeast of Kodiak, which is also home to one of the nation’s largest Coast Guard bases.  Washington state, Oregon, California, and Hawaii were also under tsunami warnings.

Based in the Netherlands, Frank Hoogerbeets believes he can predict when these earthquakes are going to happen based on the alignments of planets in our solar system.  Hoogerbeets told Express.co.uk, “The magnitude 8 earthquake in Alaska is a wake-up call that more large seismic activity is coming, especially in the first week of March.”

Keep your eyes on the sky and the news and let’s see if Mr. Hoogerbeets is correct!



Robinson, Belinda. “UFO ALERT: Massive Rise in Sightings over Alaska as Earthquakes Strike.” Express.co.uk, Express.co.uk, 29 Jan. 2018, www.express.co.uk/news/science/911484/rise-in-number-of-UFO-sightings-over-Alaska-after-earthquake.



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