Robert Englund delivers the perfect Cornavirus PSA

by paranormalwarehouse
nightmare on elm street

For those of you who have been living under a rock since 1984, Robert Englund is the beloved actor behind everyone’s favorite dream monster Freddy Krueger. With slasher films nearing the end of their height of popularity, the Nightmare on Elm Street series added a needed twist to bring fans back to the genre.


Even with the new twist of dying in your nightmares, I think most would agree the movies would be nothing without Englund’s fantastic performance. With most villains such as Jason and Michael Myers mercilessly coming for you like a lifeless machine, Freddy was full of life and added a necessary element to the plot. While we can all thank Englund for his incredible performances throughout the year, it is time to thank him for spreading the good work on a real-life nightmare facing everyone worldwide.



This is a trying time for everyone, and honestly, everyone at Paranormal Warehouse has been struggling with how to address our community while also bringing some light to the situation. Luckily for us, Robert released a video on his Twitter account doing this exact thing perfectly. The video brought us the laugh we all desperately needed, so we hope it does the same for you! In all sincerity, we hope that all of your friends and family stay safe and healthy throughout this challenging time. While things look dark and unending at the moment, we genuinely believe that we will get through this, leaving us to appreciate our friends and loved ones better. If you are looking for someone to chat with during your social distancing pop on our Facebook group to enjoy some spooky content while also chatting with fans who love this stuff as much as you.

Stay home, stay safe, and if you have to go out… WEAR YOUR GLOVE!


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