Jay Brown from Chicago recently uploaded one of the more popular paranormal video floating around right now. Jay was working overnight at a school as a security guard when he caught a glimpse of the dead.

“You See That Shit!?”

With most of these paranormal videos, you can take them with a grain of salt. What makes this video intriguing is not the paranormal anomaly itself, but the reaction of the person experiencing it.

Looking like a white smudge on the camera, you soon realize this may be more than a piece of dust when Jay reacts to seeing it with his own eyes. Jay’s reaction to the “ghost” seems so genuine while he speaks to the camera confirming what he has just experienced. Sounding unnerved he talks to his future audience with confidence that they would also see the anomaly on camera.

We Should Respect The Personal Experience

Working in a field flooded with new technology I think we should take a second to go back to basics. Maybe we need to take a step back and trust our own senses when attempting to validate paranormal happenings.

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