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A friend of Paranormal Warehouse, Bill Heiland, is looking for your help. Being someone who has always supported the use of science in paranormal research, he is someone we look up to and try to support when we can. That being said, Bill is looking for your help! Check out Bill’s request below and fill out a short quiz to help him in his future project.

Hello everyone, I am writing this post to ask for a little bit of your time. I am surveying to determine the areas of paranormal research that need the most attention, as far as education is concerned. This helps me in preparing instructional and informational videos, lectures and lessons. If you would be so kind as to take 10 to 15 mins of your time and fill out an online quiz it would be greatly appreciated.
All I ask is that you be 100% honest and please don’t look up the answers online; this would defeat the whole purpose of this quiz. There is no shame in not knowing something; this is the reason why I am doing this, ultimately to try to help you guys. Thanks for your time.


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