Sounds Of Children Within The Olde Park Hotel

by paranormalwarehouse
Olde Park Hotel Children Talking

The Olde Park Hotel seems to continually produce spine-chilling paranormal activity stream after stream. From footsteps to knocks the house seems to have points in time where the structure itself comes alive. Unexplained noises are one thing, but the following voices coming from the old hotel is enough to send a chill down your spine.

Children Within The Olde Park Hotel

During a recent livestream from the Olde Park Hotel, unexplained voices were captured. After analysis, it was hard to distinguish if these voices were EVP or disembodied voices. Either way, having the voices sound like those of children left us feeling both creeped out and somber.

Let us know what you think about the following video and learn more about the infamous hotel below.


The Olde Park Hotel History

The Olde Park Hotel is a historical place located in Ballinger, Texas. The original building structure that eventually became the hotel as it is seen today later in the 1920’s was in Ballinger in 1886 and is believed to be much older than 1886. There was a major flood in Ballinger in 1905 that destroyed many paper records that were kept in the courthouse basement across the street.

This building was a cowboy lodging house, a school, a brothel (twice), a place for poker games, a boarding house, a hotel, and eventually became a music and antique store. Many strong rumors exist about known outlaws being associated to have stayed in the hotel at one time or another. Bonnie Parker was born in Rowena, Texas which is only about 8 miles from Ballinger. There is a strong rumor/story that they did stay in the hotel at different times while they did their crime spree across the area. Maybe they might still be here? There are other researched stories as well.

Other very notorious Old West Bandits like Emmanuel Clements Sr., John Wesley Hardin, and Killin’ Jim Miller , have passed through Ballinger and the doors of this hotel as well and did quite possibly stay in the hotel.

The Olde Park Hotel And The Paranormal

It is STRONGLY believed that the spirits of Killin’ Jim Miller and Emmanuel Clements Sr do STILL roam the hallways of this circa 1886 West Texas hotel deep into the night. You see Killin’ Jim Miller met quite a demise quite as most notorious outlaws did. When the rope was put around his neck, he himself in the end said…..LET HER RIP!
It is believed that as many as 30 spirits from the past STILL ARE HERE in the old hotel structure.
You see, this circa 1886 10,000 sq ft historical West Texas hotel circa is unique in its own story. It is one of the oldest buildings in Ballinger, Texas. TAKE A STEP back into Old Texas Wild West with extraordinary haunting experiences that you will never forget. Hotel purchased by experienced paranormal researchers (Dan & Connie LaFave – Graveyard Shift Paranormal Investigations) in July 2016 and they have been actively restoring the hotel and sharing it with people and paranormal teams across Texas. Hotel is available for reservation/booking of evening history/ghost tours, weekend overnight group paranormal investigations/stays, and special events. There are many online articles written on the ghosts of this hotel as well as being on the news several times. To find out more information, simply Google the hotel name. All pricing info, payments to be made, and any inquiries can be submitted through the official hotel website located at



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