Spilled Beer Blamed On Ghost At Pub

by paranormalwarehouse

Having poltergeist activity in your pub is one thing, but someone needs to put their foot down when the specter is a habitual party fowler!

A recent CCTV video was released claiming to have captured paranormal activity at a local pub. The video captures a pint of Guinness sliding and falling off of the table onto the pub patrons. This event does not happen once but multiple times, causing people to blame the beer tragedy on someone from the other side.

Local Patrons Claim Paranormal Activity Is A Regular Event

While regulars at the bar swear paranormal events are a regular thing, people commenting on the video think otherwise. A common phenomenon occurs when a surface sits on top of a thin layer of water. While the table top may not look soaked this thin layer of water allows the glass to slide and fall off of the table.


Let us know what you think of the video and decide if you are on the paranormal or debunking team.

Source: McGonagle, Emmet. “Creepy Moment Bloke’s Beer Falls off Table – Viewers CONVINCED It’s Proof of Ghosts.” Dailystar.co.uk, Daily Star, 18 Dec. 2018, www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/748769/ghost-news-drop-beers-table-unexplained-proof-cctv-video.

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