Squirrel Cage Jail Shadow Anomaly


We recently received some evidence captured by Earthbound Voices Paranormal from the Squirrel Cage Jail. The Daviess County Squirrel Cage Jail in Gallatin MO was constructed in 1889. The jail is considered a Squirrel Cage due to a rotating mechanism that moves the cells like a carousel around a singular exit. After being in operation for many years, the living conditions of the inmates began to slowly degrade. The catalyst of the inevitable shutdown of the jail was the influence of Sherif Harold Appley.

Squirrel Cage Jail

Apply is quoted as saying, “I have asked for improvements to be made in the jail from time to time, but the court says they are broke and lack the funds. I do not question that they are hard pressed for money but this jail is no longer suitable for anyone to be housed in it.”

Squirrel Cage Jail

In 1975 the jail was officially closed after being deemed unfit to house prisoners. The jail fell into disrepair until 1991 when a reclamation project was put in place to re-brick the entire exterior of the jail. With such a rich history it is not surprising to hear stories of paranormal happening from the jail. This infamous reputation is what drew the Earthbound Voices Paranormal Team to spend time investigating the location.

After review, the team noticed a strange shadow anomaly in one of the cells within the jail. When asked about potential contamination such as windows, the nearest window to the location in question was around 10 feet away. The windows also have a metal covering with holes punched in it. If something such as a headlight were to shine through the window, you would think the dotted pattern would immerge on the image. We want to know what you guys think about the shadow figure. Let us know in the comments below, and special thanks to Earthbound Voices Paranormal for sharing their evidence with us!


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