Stars from the recently released The Invisible Man feel their audiences fear in this recent haunting interview

by paranormalwarehouse
the invisible man

Having been a massive fan of the 1933 horror classic, The Invisible Man, written by H.G Wells, I was super excited to hear that we would be getting a new film in 2020. Starring Elizabeth Moss and co-starring Oliver Jackson-Cohen, I was confident these talented actors would carry this modern interpretation of the classic story.

Let’s Be Real Everyone Wants To Be Invisible Sometimes

While growing up, I was fascinated with the idea of being invisible. I think the appeal of watching while being unseen is a creepy power trip that whether they are willing to admit it or not most people would like to experience. Being fixated on the science fiction portion of the story as a child, I was unable to grasp the real horror of what it must feel like to be stalked by something you cannot see.

  Am I Going Crazy

From what I have read regarding the story, is that it is focused on Elizabeth Moss’s struggle to convince others that an invisible person is indeed stalking her. Without straight forward evidence, even your closest friends would look at you sideways while you explain that your stalker is not only invisible but with all of you in the room at that very moment. It is this mix of science fiction and psychological horror that so perfectly fits this film.

A Taste Of Their Own Medicine!

In a recent interview, the stars of the film received a taste of what their audience would come to experience while watching the movie. Without their knowing, the set was rigged to recreate the horrifying experience of being stalked by an invisible man. From voices, a briefcase closing, and a grand finale at the end, it seemed that at times some of the actors were pretty spooked by their experience. You can check out the video below, and we hope to have our review of the invisible man up some times next week!


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