Strange Happenings in Rhode Island!!

by paranormalwarehouse

It is almost getting to that time of the year, that time where everything seems a little bit more spooky and creepy… HALLOWEEN!  I know it’s not even October yet, but tell that to the people in Coventry, R.I.

Every town has their own ghost stories or urban legends that are told.  Most of the time, the residents of that town don’t know what the truth is when it comes to the overall facts.

Recently, on the Facebook page of the Coventry police department, there was a post referencing “The Ghost of Hopkins Hollow Road.  The post was posted on September 8th and in less than 24 hours had more than 450 comments and over 1,400 shares!

Here is the post from the Coventry Police Department’s Facebook page:

“It was almost midnight last Saturday when our dispatchers received a call reporting that a woman wearing a white wedding dress had come out of the woods on Hopkins Hollow Road yelling for help.  Two of our finest young patrolman, Officer Paul Rebello, and Officer Zachary Mason searched the area no doubt with shaky knees only to find no trace of the mysterious woman in white.

“Perhaps a restless soul from the Hopkins Hollow Cemetery or the ghost of Nellie Vaughn wondered from her resting place in the Plain Meeting House Cemetery in nearby West Greenwich to tell us she is ‘perfectly pleasant and not a vampire.’  If anyone has any information regarding this woman or apparition, please give us a call.”

On the night of September 1st, there was a call made to the Coventry police department about “a woman wearing a white wedding dress” who reportedly came out of the woods looking for help, the police told The Providence Journal.

The incident was investigated by police, but no woman was found, and there were no other reports filed about a woman in distress in that area, according to police.

Many have commented on the post on the police department’s Facebook page…

“I used to live by there and never saw anything but came to the stop sign before the church once and wasn’t able to drive on for a couple of minutes, not sure why just.”

Another Facebook post read, “OMG please u have to be kidding me.”


It very well could have been a prank call.  At the same time, this is the time of year people start reporting spooky happenings, especially when driving down a long dark road in the middle of the night…



Miller, G. Wayne. “Are Coventry Cops Chasing Ghosts?”,, 8 Sept. 2018,


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