Strange Lights near Area 51 Seen By Flight Passengers

by paranormalwarehouse

We all know the stories of Area 51 right?  If not, go Google it before reading on.

Recently, passengers flying over the well known military base in Nevada were shocked after seeing flashing lights in the clouds below.  Thankfully, the footage was quickly posted to Youtube for all of us to enjoy and speculate.  Check it out…

As you watch the video, you can see strange bright lights within the clouds.  At first, it appears that it can possibly just be a reflection of a large object on the ground but as you watch further it seems that more lights appear and then they all quickly disappear.

According to, the footage was captured during a flight from Wisconsin to Los Angeles.

And if you didn’t know, Area 51 is a top-level security clearance area and has been used by American aviation authorities since 1955.

Do you think the strange lights are UFOs or just some government testing of new aircraft?


Austin, Jon. “Flight Passengers Stunned as ‘Mystery Lights’ Seen near UFO Hot Spot Area 51.”,, 22 Jan. 2018,

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