A strange luminous object was recently captured by a Liverpool homeowner on his CCTV. The video has gone viral on the internet with thousands claiming it to be paranormal evidence. In my personal opinion, I am leaning towards the use of computer graphics, but many more viewers of the video had their own opinions.

People Said The Following Regarding The Alleged Haunting

“Weird, a light being!”

“I have seen them in my bedroom. Not quite as big though.”

“Funny how it’s not causing any shadows with how bright it appears.”

“It looks like CGI to me, considering the smooth movement and transition of the lighting.”

Source: Green, Simon. “Homeowner Sets up Security Camera in Living Room – What It Records Is TRULY Bizarre.”Daily Star, 20 Apr. 2018, www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/697380/Ghost-news-CCTV-orb-Liverpool-security-camera-discovery-video.

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