Poltergeist Activity At The 1858 Garnett House Hotel

https://www.facebook.com/SpurrierJustin/videos/919292668238087/ During one of our livestreams of the 1858 Garnett House Hotel, we were able to capture some interesting activity. With an internet filled with alleged paranormal activity, we wanted to give you some perspective on what happened the night of

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Real or Fake Episode 30

On Episode 30 of Real or Fake join Breggs and Mike while they do a poor job at celebrating anything. Also, we may have captured some paranormal evidence on one of our live streams. For More Information On The Garnett Hotel:

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Possible Poltergeist Activity

After countless hours of livestreams, we may have possibly captured some possible poltergeist activity from the 1858 Garnett House Hotel. After almost an hour, the sudden sounds of footsteps were captured by our static camera's microphone. Soon after the footsteps stop, the

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