Teen From Ohio Claims To Have Captured The Image Of Deceased Boy

by paranormalwarehouse

With so many alleged paranormal pieces of evidence floating around the internet, I always find it interesting when one hits the mainstream. There are a few times where something will truly leave me scratching my head, but such as this video, others leave me wondering what caused the hype?

“Something Just Hit My Truck”

An Ohio paranormal enthusiast, Troy Vance, just had his piece of evidence highlighted on multiple new sites include inside edition. Having experienced paranormal happenings in the past, Troy’s recent claim was that his truck was haunted. The video below shows one of Troy’s experiences, where he claims to suddenly smell the scent of perfume and hearing a loud slam to his truck. Having not been there, it is difficult to determine the validity of Troy’s claims. The video was not the only piece of evidence capture by Troy. A photo is much more straight forward, displaying what looks to be a young boy.

We Need More Facts

The picture is question clearly displays the image of a young boy seemingly sitting in Troy’s truck. Many people are jumping on the paranormal bandwaggon, but we want to know more before making our decision. In some articles, the boy is labeled as a child who had drowned and now haunts the truck. After doing some research, we were unable to find anything corroborating this claim. The image may be clear, but the story being so unclear leaves us with the uneasy feeling of possible shenanigans.

As always let us know what you think of this photo in the comments below, and we will make sure to keep everyone updated if we discover more on this story.

Source: “Ohio Teen Captures Image of What Appears to Be Ghost Boy in Car.” New Idea, www.newidea.com.au/video/ohio-teen-captures-image-of-what-appears-to-be-ghost-boy-in-car.

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