Terrifying EVP Screams

by paranormalwarehouse

What makes paranormal experiences scary is their unpredictability and mysterious nature. With so many people trying to capture these experiences on film or audio, the rarity of actually obtaining any evidence at all it makes me wonder if things are taking place around us more frequently that we cannot detect or experience on our own. In the case of this featured video, Bonnie, who is seemingly sitting in an empty, quiet room, is surrounded by sounds that would otherwise send most running for the hills.

ghost scream

The Audience Could Hear… She Could Not

During a recent live investigation from our friends at Elite Paranormal Society, they captured a truly terrifying event. Bonnie, an EPS investigator, decides to spend some time in the basement. During this time Bonnie experiences nothing, but is informed by a friend that her time in the basement may not have been her alone.

Unknown to Bonnie, the audience watching the live stream of the investigation begin hearing loud screaming. The screaming sounds angry and increases in intensity when Bonnie enters the room. Some viewers even claim to have heard Bonnie’s name amongst the horrible sounds.

Unknown Origin

The screams, being clear as day to the live viewers, have no explainable origin. According to the EPS team no other technology was running during this time. Something that is interesting is that during this time a cleansing was taking place above the basement. This leaves me wondering if this cleansing is the catalyst for the anomaly.

While being a terrifying experience, this piece of evidence is something we are glad the team at EPS captured. We will keep everyone updated if the team returns and if something similarly haunting takes place in the basement again.

Give the team at Elite Paranormal Society some love and check out their other findings HERE


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