The Terrifying Ganzfeld Experiment

by paranormalwarehouse
Ganzfeld Experiment

The ganzfeld experiment was created by a German psychologist, Wolfgang Metzger to perform tests on perceptual deprivation. The research is conducted by leaving a test subject, a “receiver,” in a room sitting in a chair. Ping pong balls are placed over the eyes and a headphone playing white noise is turned on. By creating such an exvironment, the experiment is to test whether sensory deprivation hightens an individuals ability to use ESP. While the receiver is in such a state, a “sender” observes and randomly tries to send information to the receiver mentally. While this experiment may not sound frightening through description, my personal experience at The Malvern Manor was a bit more harrowing.

The Paranormal Warehouse Team was recently lucky enough to spend time within The Malvern Manor, and during our stay, I experienced the ganzfeld experiment first hand. The investigation was led by Ryan Buell who has had experience with this type of research. Our hope was by depriving our senses we would be more open to spirit communication. The thirty-minute experience, which felt like five minutes, was full of ups and downs with times of fascination and horror. You can watch my and Ryan’s entire experience above, and we want to hear stories of people who have also tried this experiment. Tell us your stories in the comments below.

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