O.K before we start here I am not going to be critiquing the film. I have my own opinions on the quality of this new flick in relation to the original film and I am going to keep that to myself….because ya know. Put aside the new age comedy and CGI and people have missed a huge theme within the film. A theme that deserved more attention and dare I say a big thank you to the film from the paranormal community as a whole. This theme is bringing the paranormal community’s focus away from reality T.V. and towards legitimate paranormal research.

Thank you new ghostbusters

In the film the Ghostbusters are made up of four women, Abby Yates, Erin Gilbert, Jillian Holtzmann, and Patty Tolan. Three of these four main characters are straight up scientists. Without going too deep into the story these characters decide to team up using their knowledge of science to uncover how the spirit world interacts with our own. Using science……. to study the paranormal…… what a crazy notion! From their theories to technology the girls time after time rely upon their knowledge to get them through from point A to point B. It is these very qualities that should be better implemented in the real world paranormal research community.


In all seriousness we should be thanking the film for its promotion of true scientific research of the paranormal. We rant time after time about this at ParanormalWarehouse.com, but we truly believe it is the bettering of research that will begin to give us real answers explaining how paranormal events occur. So with deep reflection we at Paranormal Warehouse tip our hats and say THANK YOU to the new Ghostbusters film. Of course we end with our respect to the OG.


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