The Electromagnetic Spectrum

by paranormalwarehouse

If you are a paranormal investigator you have probably come across the term EMF. Due to the popularity of technology that measures EMF levels, the presence of the elusive EMF spike has become synonymous with paranormal activity. Every paranormal investigation must begin with and EMF sweep of the location with his or her handy KII in hand. Being such an important measurement being recorded by most of the paranormal community you would think we would all be experts on the topic. It was not until I asked a group of paranormal investigators the question “what does EMF stand for” that it became abundantly clear that we may not know as much as we let on. Not one person was able to tell me that EMF stood the The Electromagnetic Spectrum. After experiencing this same result from place to place it became clear to me that the main problem was a lack of education in the paranormal field. Before I get yelled at for being mean I am not saying people using this equipment are unintelligent, I am simply saying the critical information required for us to properly obtain and record data collected during investigations is not being passed around. This led us to creating the featured series “Paranormal Theories Exposed”. Our hope is to spread this important information to the paranormal community in hopes that we as a community can better perform research and collect data. The following episode, if you have not guessed already, is focused on the electromagnetic spectrum. Open your mind and prepare to learn about the electromagnetic spectrum spanning from radio waves to gamma rays.

Special thanks to Bill Heiland for helping to provide us with the information used to create this video. Check out Bill’s book The Evolution of a Paranormal Investigator for more important facts on the various methods used in paranormal research.

The Evolution of a Paranormal Investigator

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