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When I decided to start in 2011, I was unsure what to expect from the “paranormal community”. I knew that the community was made up of a large number of people that spanned the world, but I was honestly dumbfounded by the complexity of its social dynamics. I was ready, guns blazing, to meet people who were as motivated as myself to develop different methods of research and begin the process of figuring out what these paranormal anomalies are all about. I soon came to realize that unfortunately the researchers were few and far between, and for the most part this “paranormal community” was a Game of Thrones style social scene with people constantly trying to one up each other to rise up in the paranormal rankings. Now, before people get their panties in a bunch of course I have met a lot of people that I am not honored to call friends through this community. You all know who you are… kisses ;). Before I get ahead of myself, this article’s purpose is not to point out the flaws in the “paranormal community”. This article is to highlight a person that deserves more recognition in the field, and who has been working towards the progress and gains in knowledge that this field so desperately needs.

It was obvious from the start that Bill was the “real deal” when it comes to researching the paranormal

I met Bill Heiland through in the early days of my little adventure. It was obvious from the start that Bill was the “real deal” when it comes to researching the paranormal.  Through his group, Dover Para-Tech, Bill challenges the tough questions through the use of science, critical thinking, and simple hard work. His approach towards paranormal research was an inspiration to myself, and it was immediately clear that fellow paranormal researchers would benefit from following his lead. In Bill’s recent publication, The Evolution of a Paranormal Investigator, Bill explains how he was not always the dope paranormal researcher he is today. Like the legs of a newly born giraffe, most things start out shaky. Things once thought of as fact can quickly be discovered to be wrong. Bill describes that the ability to adapt and accept the facts will allow our paranormal field to develop and grow. Holding onto personal beliefs simply because a person is afraid of being wrong is the kind of thinking that only holds back themselves and the community they are a part of. I would encourage both new and established paranormal researchers to pick up Bill’s book and give it a read. No this is not a paid promotion, I simply believe in what Bill Heiland stands for, and I believe his story will be an inspiration to the paranormal research community as a whole.

The Evolution of a Paranormal Investigator

Grab your copy of The Evolution of a Paranormal Investigator HERE

Bill’s Website Dover Para-Tech

Dover Para-Tech YouTube Channel


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