The Haunted South Yorkshire Woods

by paranormalwarehouse

It can be terrifying to be alone in the woods at night but imagine hearing ghostly voices and having objects thrown out you at the same time!  This is what happened to Paranormal investigator Phil Sinclair.

Mr. Sinclair was in the South Yorkshire woods while conducting a paranormal investigation.  The woods are known to be haunted by sightings of a ‘woman in white.’

During the investigation, Mr. Sinclair was trying to communicate with any spirits by provoking and challenging the spirits to throw something at him.  While also using an Ovilus, Mr. Sinclair continued to ask the spirits to throw something at him.  Eventually, you can hear a loud noise in the background, that Mr. Sinclair took as the spirit throwing something at him.  Also, apparently you can hear a ghostly spirit yelling “fear me!”



While continuing with the investigation, Mr. Sinclair tells the camera, “there’s something in here,” and as if the spirit was responding through the Ovilus, the device responds with “I am.”

According to Mr. Sinclair, he was convinced that there was something in the woods with him and that they were responding to his commands.  His fellow investigator thought otherwise:  “It could have been anything.  It could have been a branch falling off a tree – it happens at this time of the year.”  As Mr. Sinclair replied:  “That was more than a branch falling, sounded like a tree falling down.”

Mr. Sinclair continued by saying:  “I honestly believe a spirit was in direct contact with me, communicating via the Ovilus device.”

“I believe everyone in Sheffield needs to see this footage.  This is the best potential evidence of the paranormal I’ve captured in a long time.”

“I have no explanation for what happened or what I witnessed.”


Speaking from experience, and as an opinion of Paranormal Warehouse, it is hard to investigate outside, let alone in the middle of the woods.  There is a lot of noise contamination.  I am not saying what Mr. Sinclair witnessed wasn’t paranormal but I do believe you have to consider all factors.



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