The Pacing Ghost

by paranormalwarehouse
Pacing Ghost

The video we will be discussing took Reddit by storm claiming to have captured the footage of a pacing ghost. The apparition in question can be seen pacing to and from the staircase, which leads out of the basement. While the video shows something that could be seen as a ghost, we don’t want to jump to any conclusions.

From The Pages Of Reddit

The Reddit page owner discussed the CCTV footage by stating. “The house is part of a housing project/subdivision in a rural area 20 miles away from the city.

“It’s basically uninhabited and not been ‘blessed’ yet.

“The CCTV was installed to monitor thieves since the area is not properly guarded.

“The video is no way edited or altered, it was extracted directly from the remote CCTV application and was uploaded here solely on Reddit.”

Dude Looks Nervous

Most people who have watched the video describe the image as looking like a nervous person pacing back and forth feverishly. We do agree the video looks like that description, but there are a bunch of explanations one could have for the “ghost.”

One of the first things that came to mind is some light source swaying back and forth. Having such a limited view of the basement who knows if windows or other light sources are behind the camera. Like most of these videos, we can only wait to see if more comes from the undisclosed basement. If anything does we will make sure to update you here on

Source: Gill, Katy. “Eerie Moment ‘Ghost Captured Pacing Back and Forth’ in Basement of Empty House.”, Daily Star, 28 May 2019,

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