Serial Spirits

Enough with the bore, let’s get down to the gore! Join Annie Weible and Brendan Shay each week for Serial Spirits. Candid, and often controversial true crime, paranormal, and cryptid conversation.

Nature and superstition….do those who hold the keys to both have the power to influence and heal? In this episode, Shay and Weebs explore the world of Appalachian Granny Witches, including their methods, cures, and abilities, and Weeb’s connection to the world of the Granny Witch.


“The Serial Spirits Theme” Created by Annie Weible 2019

Introduction song:
“Appalachian Trail” by Hunter Quinn
Epidemicmusic.com 2019

Narration Music:
“Appalachian Rain” by Mountain Hollow Music
Courtesy of CDBabymusic.com

“Chicksaw outback” by Hunter Quinn
Epidemicmusic.com 2019

“Seminole Land” by Hunter Quinn
Epidemicmusic.com 2019

Break Music:
“Go to sleep little baby” by Allison Krauss, Emmylou Harris and Gillian Welch
for “O’ Brother where art thou” copyright 2000

Outro Song:
“The Witches of Applalachia” by Derek Spencer
copyright 2019 by Derek Spencer
provided by CDBaby.com

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“The Serial Spirits Podcasts” copyright 2018
Episode Hosts where Annie ‘Weebs” Weible and Brendan Shay
Episode 42 written by Annie Weible
Produced by Brendan Shay

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Serial Spirits

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