Serial Spirits

Enough with the bore, let’s get down to the gore! Join Annie Weible and Brendan Shay each week for Serial Spirits. Candid, and often controversial true crime, paranormal, and cryptid conversation.

On a snowy night in 1996 in Baltimore, Maryland, 23-year-old Jody LeCornu was brutally gunned down in a quiet parking lot. Witnesses came forward with information about this horrendous crime, but nearly 24 years later, the family is still waiting for answers. Two decades of fighting local authorities have provided little information, but one woman refuses to let the crime be forgotten. Jody’s twin sister Jenny Carreri has spearheaded a nationwide fight for her sister, appearing on Dr. Oz, Crime Stories with Nancy Grace, and Relentless with Kate Snow, to find her sister’s killer and the truth behind this crime. In this episode of Serial Spirits, Jenny recounts the details of her sister’s murder and her ongoing fight for justice. For more information on this case, visit http://www.justice4jody.com

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Serial Spirits

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