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Enough with the bore, let’s get down to the gore! Join Annie Weible and Brendan Shay each week for Serial Spirits. Candid, and often controversial true crime, paranormal, and cryptid conversation.

In this weeks Snippet Shay and Weebs recap a story about an Ohio weatherman who plead guilty to child porn charges, and some weird crime stories that took place during the Covid-19 Lockdown. They also dive deep into an amazing Documentary titled “Crime and Punishment” detailing the corruption in the New York City Police department.


“Serial Snippet theme” and Intro music created by Annie Weible 2019 all rights reserved.
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Edited and Produced by Brendan Shay

Mike Davis news story Courtesy of NBC4 News Columbus, Ohio May 2020

“Crime and Punishment-Trailer (Official) Hulu Documentary”
Amidst a landmark class-action lawsuit over illegal policing quotas, Crime + Punishment chronicles the real lives and struggles of a group of black and Latino whistleblower cops and the young minorities they are pressured to arrest and summons in New York City. A highly intimate and cinematic experience with unprecedented access, Crime + Punishment examines the United States’ most powerful police department through the brave efforts of a group of active-duty officers and one unforgettable private investigator who risk their careers and safety to bring light to harmful policing practices which have plagued the precincts and streets of New York City for decades.


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