If you have not already heard, Elizabeth Saint and Nick Groff have combined forces to create an online streaming platform that not only entertains its audience but includes them in the experience. Vidi.Space was created with the intent of featuring independent artists in both live and produced content. Documentaries, live music, independent films, and paranormal entertainment are some of the categories that can be found in the ever-growing community of

Chris and I are incredibly excited to have teamed up with Dan Klaes, owner of the Hinsdale House, to bring our popular live static cameras to As of right now the locations available on the includes The Hinsdale House, The Old Ascension Church, The Wildwood Sanitarium, and The Statler City Hotel with more to come in the future. If you are a fan of our static cams, and paranormal content, in general, you should get your subscription to and not only watch but become a part the show.

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